Observations from a Mountain Top

Nothing beats the view from a top of a mountain.

The culmination of hours of muscle ache and sweat, results in the best views you can ever hope for (unless its cloudy). People often tell me, after I’ve explained to them about a recent hill walking trip, that I’m a sadist and I love pain, and that I am mad to put myself through it.

Truth is I do love pain (in a weird way).

It is a companion both through bad times and good. It pushes me to perform at my best every time not give in when my lungs are burnt out and my heart feels like it’s about to burst.

These people will never understand that, life for us that train and thrill seek is a continual push for the next adrenaline high, or gasping feeling after a hard set.

My advice is find your mountain, something that challenges you every day to keep getting better.

This is the way to live a complete and fulfilled life.


You can always do one more!

Bit of short and sharp motivation for you guys from my own struggles and internal battles in training.

There is a limit that your mind sets yourself- commonly known as “Being uncomfortable”. Being uncomfortable is not your limit, this is the limit where fatigue sets in and you start to slow down- you start to stop or become weak. This is not the point where you have to stop, this is the same when you get worn down day after day at a terrible job where you aren’t appreciated, where the moneys terrible and you dream of doing something else like your own business, website or even retiring. Stopping at uncomfortable is when you lose your gold medal, it’s where your goal dissipates.

So what is after uncomfortable? When I’m at my wits end with my career, or I’ve hit the “wall” on a run or I wanted 6 reps on a squat and I feel tired after 4.

The answer is Exhaustion- doesn’t sound better does it? But this is the difference between Gold and Silver, this is the difference between slogging out a job that you don’t like or taking action towards it. It’s the point where you defy your head and get those extra two repetitions on the squat. This is the mentality that makes champions and heroes alike.

The goal in life is to never be uncomfortable- how does that translate to your career? Don’t put up with it- find out what you need to make a change and see how you can do it.

Write that book, join the gym, go with your idea, confront that person.

And most all, don’t settle for anything less than Gold.

Common fitness mistakes

This post is about the most common or less knowledgeable decisions thatpeople might take up in an attempt to get their health under control. Below I will dispense some advice based on some things that I have come across in my years as a Fitness Professional.

1. Jogging

Jogging is actually probably one of the worst things you could start to do if you have no prior fitness knowledge. The idea of something free, relatively easy and giving good results is an understandable method of exercise.

But to the untrained it can do more harm than good, mainly with damage being inflicted on the joints, stagnating results after a few weeks and actually contributing to atrophy (muscle wastage) in older men.

If you want to run long distance races then Ok, but you still need a training programme involving resistance training and progressive overload.

But I hear you say “everyone does it!” And my answer to that is that the man who ran to marathon in ancient Greece actually died at the end of it!

I’ve had too many clients that have trained for long runs or marathons in the past, only to basically crawl across the line and not be able to walk for two weeks afterwards. My message is this: if you want to jog or run then great it’s good to get started. But please seek professional guidance. I would happily answer questions on here.


2. Crossfit

Cross fit is not inherently a bad thing, on the contrary it encourages people to lush themselves to their physical limits on a daily basis. I am including it in this list for beginners, who should start off slowly and avoid this training modality as the injury risk can be very high to the untrained.


3. Protein shakes

Again, these aren’t bad if proper advice is sought. The beginner should aim to fill the nutritional gaps in his or her diet before considering these products. A lot of them contain high amounts of sugar and are arguably not necessary to 90% of trainees.


The Journey Begins

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