Reversibility: Use it or lose it!

In a world of increasing reliability on technology to do things for us, like voice activation and other automatic functions in our homes, it is becoming dangerously uncommon for humans to have need of our legs. Most people that are active are active because they choose to be- rather than it being a requirement in their daily lives.

In fitness we have a principle called Reversibility- the title explains what this means. As you might’ve guessed, if you don’t use the body’s muscular system well enough through life, then it will not consider it ‘worth’ sustaining and you will lose dependibility. Most accidents that occur with elderly folks is because their sense of balance and lower body strength has not been sufficiently challenged throughout their lives. Alongside the increasing number of people that have sedentary jobs, that then come home and are further sedentary, the west is becoming increasingly lazier and it is coming at huge cost to our healthcare systems and governments.

I have a living example in my family of the principle of reversibility. My grandfather is still mobile in his mid 80’s because his hobbies were cycling and gardening, the latter of which he still does! Unfortunately he is more mobile than some people I know who are 30 or 40 years his junior. Those people may find it very difficult to be as mobile as they are now once they reach 60 or 70. This increases the risk of mental health decline and other health issues. Humans are not made to sit for extended periods of time, albeit sometimes it is necessary.

This should not be news to anyone reading this- it is probably one of the most reoccuring pieces of advice: “Get active!” even if it just walking for 10 minutes a day to start with, the benefits will start mentally. Life can be very hectic but as I’ve mentioned in one of my previous pieces- you will find time for the things that matter. 

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