Weight training: Overcoming adversity

I had one of those days recently, a culmination of tiredness and fatigue that just makes you feel like you don’t want to do anything. The ones where you feel lethargic and I didn’t want much food- it’s a horrible and unexplainable phenomenon that plagues most of us. We all want success in our lives- in some form. Whether it’s financial, physical or professional. The true path to success lies in being able to show to yourself that you can overcome adversity in every day life. Life is full of tough breaks and times that push resilience and make you feel like quitting.

Weight training (or any kind of tough training) is not only beneficial for the skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular systems. But it is also a chance to showcase your own ability to yourself.

Life is about repeatedly showing yourself that you have the ability and courage to overcome everyday obstacles

I use this time to do things that I don’t want to do, Squatting at maximal level for 5 repetitions is tough, and sometimes nauseating. But the result is that my mental toughness improves. When I have a bad day I know it’s just one in a line, I know that life is about repeatedly showing yourself that you have the ability to overcome obstacles. Overcoming adversity is not a cure for never having bad days. It is an additional mental weapon to fight the Dragons and demons that seek to get inside your head every day. Build mental toughness and you will be able to shout louder than the voice inside your head, telling you you’re no good, that you’re not special.

Run until your lungs burn

Punch until your vision is blurry

Push. Everyday. For greatness

What you think is what you get.


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