Can I workout at home?

The answer to this question is, Yes. You can. But there are benefits to attending a gym that cannot be always achieved through home workouts:

  1. The main benefit to a gym is that everything you need is there for you to use. The building has machines, weights, bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and more. These are all designed with a certain purpose in mind and each contribute to different aspects of the ‘Fitness continuum’.
  2. If your goal is to get strong or train for a particular event, such as triathlon, marathon etc. Then a gym may be the best place as it has all of the equipment (including a pool sometimes) that you need to achieve that goal. If you want to get strong then it is a must as unless you own your own gym, home workouts cannot supply the stimulus needed.
  3. There are like-minded people all around you, there is a generalisation that a gym is full of judgemental people, of course there are some. But for the most part a gym is full of people that all have a goal in mind, and it can be very refreshing to be surrounded by people who are closer and further away than you to the goal, whatever it may be.
  4. Personal Trainers are there to help, and most will be happy to help you with a quick question if you are not in mind to pay for their services, they can offer you with good exercises that you might not have used before, or a piece of equipment that you want to try, but don’t want to look like a fool trying.

Home workouts are picking up in popularity of late- with people choosing to use their own body weight or certain pieces of gym kit as stimulus. They have some benefits which I will list below:

  1. If you don’t enjoy a room full of sweating bodies- or crowded machines with people on their phones, then a nice workout in the comfort of your own home can be quite enticing. You can set your own intensity and have your own space. The only thing you need to have in both cases is Discipline.
  2. For older trainee’s who’s main need is just increasing a bit of strength or gaining balance then a home workout can be a good introduction to getting the body moving before you moved onto weights or swimming. It can also be a good confidence booster.
  3. If you struggle with the motivation to get up and go to the gym after a long day. Then it can be useful to try some home training. It is a good way to build habits- if you want more advice on habits then see my post How to (help) stay motivated

Whatever you choose to do, hopefully you can get moving soon, or if you already are: Keep it up!

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