Myth: Does Fat turn to Muscle?

The Myth

I was speaking to someone this week about their exercise habits- and it occured to me that very few people actually have knowledge of something that regular trainees/trainers take for granted.

They said they couldn’t lift weights as they had very little fat on their body for the muscle to come from.

Let me be clear on this:

Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue.

They have a lot of differences and will be formed under totally different circumstances and possess different characteristics.

Muscle is mainly formed of proteins which interact with each other when a contraction takes place. They are made up of millions of individual fibres- which are turn controlled by a nervous stimulus.

Fat is made up of adipose tissue and doesn’t possess any nervous ability. It is a fuel source- albeit a harder one to use during exercise. Whereas muscle is not a fuel source.

If you are in a position where you want to build muscle but you have no fat- you are in a prime position. Because that means you haven’t got to worry about getting rid of excess fat and can concentrate on building the body you desire.

This is also true for the reverse- there’s no way for muscle to turn to fat. If you stop training then you may gain fat but your muscles will only atrophy which means they will get smaller.

If you find yourself in a position where you have fat and want to build muscle then again, you have no issue. Your programming will be different to the person described above, but you are still able to achieve the body you want. See my post on “EPOC training” for more information.

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