Building from the ground up: Strength Foundation

Whether you are a seasoned trainee or you are just starting out in the gym- it’s important to know the principles that will govern results. Prinicpally what we are concerned with here is being able to add weight onto the bar. The simple way to see progress in the weight room is to see whether you can lift more than the previous session, this is how we know we’ve had an improvement in strength.

There are three categories when it comes to trainees training with weights- Novice, intermediate and advanced Trainees. Someone who  has been training for 5 years may think they are an intermediate trainee, but can still benefit from some novice techniques. Most people will fall within the novice catergory- simply because they have not followed the proper techniques and may have started to lose results in the process, also becauuse the further you up the chain the more specialised you will see. For example more intermediate trainees and definitely advanced, will be athletes and thsoe in sports teams.

A simple way to know if you are within the Novice catergory is- can you add weight onto the bar after 2/3 days of rest? If so it is not a big problem, it simply means you have somewhere to start.

For a novice program I would look at training the whole body in every session- it is the easiest way to ensure that all bases are covered, and if your goal is to get stronger or lose weight then there is no need to start doing different body parts on different days.

To get you started:

Three times a week


Bench Press 3 sets of 5 reps

Squat 3 sets of 5 reps

Deadlift (only once a week) 1 set of 5 reps.

Wednesday: As above (no deadlift)

Friday: As above (no deadlift)

That is a very basic program for someone who would be a beginner- what this will do is set the trainee into a habit of training and introduce the body to weightlifting, after that you can play with other variables like frequency and other exercises, but the overall program should revolve around the main core lifts that the body can do. These are




Overhead press

(Pull) Chin up

The alst two can be itnroduced into the program once the trainee has progress pas a specific point- that being when they can manage the new movements. Further down the line the trainee can be introduced to further movements such as Olympic based movements as well accesssory movements with Dumbbells.

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