The Pirate Map

You have to be successful, before you can ‘be’ successful.

I have borrowed this idea from Pat Flynn (all originial credit to him). This is the subject of being self- successful. You have to be successful, before you can be successful. All those that are in the high echelons of competition or success, have what Pat Flynn describes as a “Pirate map”, the simple explanation to this is that you follow steps or directions and find the treasure.

The journey to Fitness and health is no different, the key is to creating habits that you want to stick to, gradually building your resilience to temptation and distraction. The creation of a Treasure Map (or daily routine) can benefit you hugely in the pursuit of your goal.  Things that might be included in this are: Wake up, be grateful, meditate for one minute, stretch. It’s important to find things that you can do on your ‘map’ that will lead to your ‘treasure’. Time spent on yourself is never wasted and can often give you revelations to problems you may have been having. The book “Lead yourself first” by Raymond Kethledge describes this perfectly.

How does this work with fitness? The map can work in the same way. Build the habit and get the result. If you want to get stronger in your Bench Press- then you need to Bench! (Simple really). If your goal is to pysically start, then your map could look like this:

  1. Get home
  2. Eat dinner- drink water
  3. Get in the car
  4. Go to the gym

It may seem very clear cut and I can already hear people saying “I have so much to do” Blah blah blah… the fact is, if you cut out all the non important things from your life that DON’T get you closer to the goal, then you will have time. That part of the challenge is down to you. Have a look at your “post work” routine, how much time can you save by not watching “Love island” or some other spirit crushing TV show, how much time do you spend on your phone which could be better spent chasing your goal, be it fitness or otherwise. If this is you then I would take a good long look in the mirror and decide what it is you want.



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