Self Confidence part three: Reaffirmation and maintenance

The last part of building self confidence is to continue the reaffirmation that you have begun to continue the journey. If you’ve managed to kick start the steam train and you’ve built in habits that are allowing you to work on yourself and build confidence, then that’s great news. The problem can be keeping habits and progress in motion, it can be very hard to continue once old habits start to re-appear.

Methods to continue progress

Tell a friend or family member

Make yourself accountable to someone that you know will give you the boost in motivation that you need, this can be someone in your family or a friend with similar goals. There is nothing like a feeling of accountability, it is the “teacher” syndrome and if you get the right amount of encouragement then it can be very rewarding.

Find a method of communication to yourself

The method of accountability isn’t always best done with a friend or family member. Sometimes the best way to get through to yourself is to target yourself. Write a list of  post it notes to remind yourself- or a particular poster or reminder on your phone, once the habit is created it will get easier and easier to move towards your goal- confidence can be built even in the development of habits.

I hope you have been able to take some things away from these few posts, like I said I am not a professional on mental health and the ability to develop confidence, but I have found that the methods I have described helped me out a lot and I hope that you guys can employ these or similar methods to get to where you need to be.


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