The best way to lose weight

Most people have asked this question at one point in their lives- and it’s created a billion dollar business in the fitness industry. Personal trainers all over the globe are seeking the most efficient way to get weight off their clients for good.

I will go through some exercises and tips in a moment, but the most important thing that must be realised before we go on is:

It is dependent on you.

What does that mean? It means that appropriate weight loss (or gain!) is the result of disciplined and deliberate actions towards a goal that you have chosen. I’m sure you’ve heard that you get what you work for- if you haven’t worked for it- you won’t get it.

This also means that you cannot expect to see the same results as your best mate, partner or colleague. Every living organism is different and as such two people may get different results from the same method.

Thankfully though,

There are general guidelines you can follow that will help you towards your goal. These are:

1. Set a goal- if you don’t give yourself a feasible target then you are likely to relapse any results you do get.

2. Identify what you need to change (barriers) in your life to reach that goal- this is small scale behavioural change and it is an imperative part of the process. If you identify a barrier of no time for gym, then work out how you can insert small bouts of activity in the time you do have- the weight loss process can be started from 10 minutes a night.

3. Input a regime of reward for yourself when you do keep to the plan. This can be in the shape of a glass of wine- or a cheat meal.

At the gym….

  1. Use exercises that incorporate full body movement- such ones are Squats, Deadlifts, Over head press and single leg exercises. (There will be a video of these shortly)
  2. Anaerobic intervals will train the body to use fat as a fuel- but this is done after exercise when you create what is known as oxygen deficit. A typical interval could be on the rowing machine. Row 250m as hard as you can and then rest for 90 seconds. Challenge yourself!
  3. Make sure your nutrition is up to scratch aswell- you need to be taking in nutritional foods to supplement your gym work: Fish, vegetables, fruit etc. The more colours you eat the better (and I don’t mean Tide pods!).

Last but not least…

Get enough sleep! You can be doing everything right, but if you are not getting adequate rest, then the good things you are doing will be counteracted instantly. You need good hormonal balance if you’re going to get any results.

Happy Training!

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