Self Confidence Part One: Know Thyself


This is my three part series on building confidence and assertiveness- whatever your aim in life is.

Today’s article is all about building the initial process of building confidence.

To know thyself requires, in some cases, great psycho-analysis and some people spend months of reflective journey trying to find out more about themselves. The phrase “know thyself” is of Greek origin and can be found scrawled on the Temple of Apollo in Greece. But what does it truly mean to know thyself?

Daily Process

It is something that needs to be done on a weekly or sometimes daily basis, check in with yourself to reaffirm your goals or your mentality- you’ll be amazed what five minutes with no phone or background noise can do for your focus and aptitude.

There is a famous African proverb that states “If there is no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do us no harm”. This didn’t mean that they were all invincible and could take on lions with their bare hands, but it did mean that these people had great knowledge of themselves and continued to find out more.

To extend this proverb, I give you the example of Thich Quang Duc, who was a Vietnamese monk that burnt himself to death in protest of the Governments treatment of his peers. Whilst I am in no way condoning suicide or setting fire to things, I just want you to appreciate the control of mind and body that his act took, he truly knew himself and held true to his values.

Personal Space

Studies show that at least five minutes of meditation spent in an environment that you are comfortable in can boost productivity and mental health- meditation doesn’t mean crossing your legs and becoming a Bhuddist. It simply means spend some time in the quiet in your own head- five minutes is nothing and can actively start to bring high blood pressure down and reduce stress.


If you’re spending some time with yourself- spend some time ON yourself. Listen to an audiobook (I recommend Les brown) repeat something to yourself daily about where you’re going and why it’s important that you stay on course. Historical figures the world over, from General Douglas MacArthur to Sun Tzu, have been doing these things for centuries.

Come back for part two tomorrow!

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