Observations from a Mountain Top

Nothing beats the view from a top of a mountain.

The culmination of hours of muscle ache and sweat, results in the best views you can ever hope for (unless its cloudy). People often tell me, after I’ve explained to them about a recent hill walking trip, that I’m a sadist and I love pain, and that I am mad to put myself through it.

Truth is I do love pain (in a weird way).

It is a companion both through bad times and good. It pushes me to perform at my best every time not give in when my lungs are burnt out and my heart feels like it’s about to burst.

These people will never understand that, life for us that train and thrill seek is a continual push for the next adrenaline high, or gasping feeling after a hard set.

My advice is find your mountain, something that challenges you every day to keep getting better.

This is the way to live a complete and fulfilled life.


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