My thoughts on Diet products

It is never easy to make the decision and commitment to stick to a diet and consistently fight cravings that you might have.

This post is not designed to chastise those that are on diets- or plan to go on them. It’s purely meant to show best practise and where I think that some of the current diet fads may fall short of best practise.

This is my opinion as a fitness professional- take it as you will.

I hear a lot of positive things about weight loss products, slimming world being the most prevalent that people are involved in. It is a great way for those that may be uneducated in the science of nutrition to get themselves on track towards a healthy lifestyle and contribute towards weight loss.

There are a few drawbacks where- based on my knowledge as a Personal Trainer- these programs can be improved.

Firstly- the “diet industry” is about the complete elimination of Fats in the diet (or a minimal amount) which makes sense- you don’t eat fat- you don’t put it on. If only it was that simple! This leads to certain foods (in the case of slimming world in particular) being “Sinned”- I know it may be spelt differently. Again this doubles up as a good way to measure what is good to eat, and bad to eat. Which is a great system for some.

Certain foods such as Avocados, nuts and very lean meat may be “Sinned” even though they are among some of the healthiest foods that I would recommend to clients for snacking- nuts in particular.

People need to realise that Fat is not a useless compound that the body has no usage for- it does have ALOT of beneficial properties, far too many to list, but here are the best ones.

My underlying message is that of course you should investigate in diet products and look to better yourself, but these products are not always a one size fits all solution and can miss out vital elements that the body needs for growth and homeostasis (hormonal balance). So check out the link above and have a good read before you make any decisions about committing to a diet!

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