Common fitness mistakes

This post is about the most common or less knowledgeable decisions thatpeople might take up in an attempt to get their health under control. Below I will dispense some advice based on some things that I have come across in my years as a Fitness Professional.

1. Jogging

Jogging is actually probably one of the worst things you could start to do if you have no prior fitness knowledge. The idea of something free, relatively easy and giving good results is an understandable method of exercise.

But to the untrained it can do more harm than good, mainly with damage being inflicted on the joints, stagnating results after a few weeks and actually contributing to atrophy (muscle wastage) in older men.

If you want to run long distance races then Ok, but you still need a training programme involving resistance training and progressive overload.

But I hear you say “everyone does it!” And my answer to that is that the man who ran to marathon in ancient Greece actually died at the end of it!

I’ve had too many clients that have trained for long runs or marathons in the past, only to basically crawl across the line and not be able to walk for two weeks afterwards. My message is this: if you want to jog or run then great it’s good to get started. But please seek professional guidance. I would happily answer questions on here.


2. Crossfit

Cross fit is not inherently a bad thing, on the contrary it encourages people to lush themselves to their physical limits on a daily basis. I am including it in this list for beginners, who should start off slowly and avoid this training modality as the injury risk can be very high to the untrained.


3. Protein shakes

Again, these aren’t bad if proper advice is sought. The beginner should aim to fill the nutritional gaps in his or her diet before considering these products. A lot of them contain high amounts of sugar and are arguably not necessary to 90% of trainees.


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