5 more actions to be 1% better everyday!

1. Don’t put things off- this just leads to a cruel cycle of continually avoiding things you don’t like to do, this isn’t going for your development in life and will only lead to your fear taking over.

A good way to combat this is to put it in your mind that you’re going to do “it”.  Keep thinking that until it’s too late to stop.

2.  Avoid processed food- this is getting increasingly harder in a world of convenience. But seriously, junk food does Nothing for you and only excites you for more. That and smoking are the two most un financial and unsensible health options going.

3. Make time for yourself- this can be in the form of a reading session, gaming, writing or walking. It’s important for homeostasis to be possible.

4. Don’t hit snooze!- this is one of my major battles, if you can avoid that 10 minutes of sleep then you have a victory instantly in the morning.

5. Lift weights- when done properly and efficiently, there is nothing bad that can be gained from lifting weights. Mental health ☝️strength ☝️ hormones and anti disease ☝️.

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